We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality. All stages of our projects are managed by senior and bilingual research professionals.

Recruiting: We work with a network of experienced recruiters who specialize in qualitative research. In addition have access to various proprietary networks of early adopters, fashionistas, experts and entrepreneurs.

Facilities: We work partner with a broad range of facilities that offer different features, designs and atmospheres, which allows us to choose
ideal facility for each project. We also often use creative spaces or other unique locations for group discussions and interviews.
Please contact us for a list of options.

Moderators: We are privileged to work with some of Japan's best moderators, and take great care to find the perfect moderator
for a particular client or project. Please contact us for detailed moderator profiles.

Interpreters: Our simultaneous translators have extensive experience in market research, and can bring the discussion to life for
our non-Japanese speaking clients.

Translation, Localization and Project Management: We spend considerable time localizing all aspects of a project from research design
to stimulus materials, and our clients frequently mention our project management skills as central to their projects' success.