Our scope of experience ranges from small exploratory studies to large projects across multiple markets. We are particularly strong in approaches that combine traditional qualitative research with trend research, retail immersions, consumer ethnographies or other multi-method research designs.

Ethnographic Research: Music
Home visits with hobby and semi-professional musicians for a global brand of music equipment to identify Japan-specific
barriers and opportunities among the target audience.

Market Immersion: Beverages
Retail immersion for a global restaurant brand to understand unique market characteristics, retail formats and cultural
drivers of consumer behavior.

Consumer Research and Immersion: Fabric Care
Focus groups, consumer home visits, expert interviews and retail immersion for a global fabric care brand provided a
360 degree view of Japanese consumers' preferences and expectations towards the category.

Multi-Country Immersion: Home Care
Consumer home visits, expert interviews and retail immersion in multiple Asian markets for a global home care brand
to achieve an in-depth understanding of consumer behaviors and their cultural drivers across the region.

Market Immersion: Snack Foods
Consumer interviews, expert interviews and retail immersion for an international food brand to develop actionable product
innovation for the client’s global business.

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